SINCE 1980

Automating industry

Automated machinery for industry

CMA 2 is based in Oderzo, in the province of Treviso, where it has manufactured handling, assembly, processing and storage systems for multiple industrial sectors, including food and packaging since 1980.

CMA2 offers design, construction and installation services for individual machinery and complex systems for industrial-scale processing with Industry 4.0 technologies.

Multipurpose machine design

To interpret our clients’ strategic and commercial needs, innovative solutions are analysed by drawing on our considerable technical experience.

CMA2 strategy is based on the realisation of flexible multipurpose machines that are suitable for different working conditions – machinery that is able to adapt in real time to allow the customer to manufacture products of different sizes, avoiding plant shutdowns for set-up and production slowdowns.

Our experience allows us to automate multiple processes, reducing process times, increasing productivity and improving quality and safety.

Customer-dedicated studio

Simulation of real processes and working conditions are analysed by evaluating the various flow charts and the behaviour of the plant right from the early design stages.

Research and programming meet the customer’s requirements with flexible, solid and tailor-made solutions.

Static and dynamic analyses, such as virtual simulations in motion, allow us to improve the performance of the machines as well as experiment and adapt cutting-edge materials and technologies: CMA2 are solutions specialists.

Your ideal automation partner

More than ever, today’s market demands flexibility and real results which can only be delivered by practical and innovative solutions.

The customer asks for productivity, guarantees, solutions to specific processing problems and economic advantages: for this reason, a professional and market-conscious customer can trust CMA2.

Those who want to achieve ambitious goals must aim high while remaining well-rooted in everyday reality.

‘This is the beating heart of CMA2 and our partner ethos’.

Made in Italy for over 40 years

CMA2 is an all-Italian company with consolidated experience in the field of automation and solutions for industries, carefully following the following principles:

  • craftsmanship and technology;
  • creativity and imagination;
  • aesthetics and functionality.

These values are adopted daily in every single design and project.

The solutions that have come to life over the years offer a very wide range of solutions for customers, providing a concrete answer to production needs.

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