We have designed and manufactured custom-made machinery for panel processing, cladding, assembly and finishing of furniture for over forty years. Each process and type of material requires appropriate knowledge of the production processes and the characteristics of each product – aspects necessary to create automation systems suitable for the processing and production of profiles, doors, doors, shelves and furniture in general in addition to panels for these articles.

We provide our forty years of experience, offering analyses and solutions, optimising costs and bringing the benefits of automation.



CMA2 produces various assembly solutions for large or small batches of different sizes.

Semi-automatic or self-learning clamps guarantee the perfect joining of 45° or 90° wooden frames and doors for a homogeneous result and a uniform product.

Assembly of furniture parts and accessories

The machines for assembling parts and accessories include a series of assembly and control operations with the option of automatic and semi-automatic management, leaving the operators responsible for each workstation. Through a dedicated monitor, the machine guides the operator in operating and acknowledging results and alerts.

These assembly solutions can be integrated into a work line or remain off-line automation, dedicated and configured for products with specific production needs.

Panel coating and processing

All kinds of panel processing

The machinery for panel processing is designed and created bespoke in order to obtain a finished product for assembly or final packaging.

All processes can be managed and interfaced with each other and with the customer’s management system, to always have the processing information available in real time.

Partnerships and collaborations with specialists in the sector allow CMA2 to be systems integrators for industry 4.0.

Sectioning, Ennobling, Edging, Softforming, Preforming, Postforming.

Complementary automation for wood-based panel finishing lines with coatings such as laminates, papers or plastic leaves. Continuous coating management systems, automation for feeding, glue spreading, coupling, unloading and stacking of panels. Groups and systems for drilling, milling and shaping with pressing.

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