Intelligent logistics

Handling of bulk or large products for connection of processing, sorting and procurement lines between production departments.

Vertical and horizontal warehouses, automatic loading and unloading systems, lifting, overturning and lung systems are made for internal handling.

Autonomous handling machines

Intelligent and unmanned on board handling.

Autonomous machines meet many internal logistics needs of companies.

From shuttles without tracks to automatic stacker cranes, handling systems without electric cables (induction systems) and guided lasers, CMA2 offers various solutions to move product within a production department.

In addition to internal movements, shuttles for sorting goods are made outside the buildings to connect 2 or more departments together.

Induction handling, increasingly used for long distances and where there is no possibility of cable connections, sees CMA2 among the most innovative companies in the sector.


Baggage unloading and internal airport handling.

Experience gained over the years in product handling consolidates CMA2 among the expert and competent companies also in airport handling.

Conveyor belts for sorting baggage made by CMA2 and handling systems for internal control of the goods are operating in various national and international airports including Italy, France and Holland.

Curved belts

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