CMA2 operates in the F&B sector, creating machinery for filling, weighing, checking, transporting and sorting right up to final packaging.

This department also benefits from collaborating with leading companies in the packaging sector, which makes it possible to fully satisfy requests from customers in the sector through targeted management of the plants and various solutions for the end of the production line.


Various companies in the food sector like pasta factories, dairies, biscuit factories and confectioners have relied on the solutions created by CMA2. These solitions have included product handling and sorting systems inside and outside the ovens. Furthermore, robotic machines and automation are made for primary and secondary packaging as solutions for canning and end-of-line.


Automation solutions are driving F&B companies towards digitalisation of processes. The Beverage sector sees CMA2 involved in the production of bottling machinery with real-time controls, artificial vision, and tracking.

To help customers in a sector that needs concrete answers and solutions, automations are implemented through digitisation of processes to guarantee efficiency, safety and flexibility to the plants and in order to manage any production requirement in real time.

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